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Paulette Jackson


Music Director


SCORP Radio Network

The SCORP Radio Network is an internet radio station focused on giving our audience music that takes them back to the "feel good" music of the past, 60s, 70s, 80s R&B/Soul.  Including interviews with local and international artists to give our listeners more of an insight to what drives and inspires them to create the music that they play, write and sing.

SCORP Radio Network will have programmed shows and specials as a normal part of our daily programming. We will also incorporate different segments such as “Featured Artists of the Month” and much more.

Our vision, for the future, is to take the station on the road with the show for us to get to meet our listeners/fans in person!  SCORP Radio Network will be a “feel good” station, bringing back sweet memories!

Internet radio, is the wave of the future, with access while you are on the go, via your mobile phone, laptop or tablet.  Auto manufacturers are already outfitting new models with internet radio capability.  SCORP Radio broadcasts the music that you seldom hear anymore.  Music that soothes and grooves your mind, body and spirit.

SCORP Radio Network, “Feel Good Music ~ Anytime, Anywhere”.

ISSA Active Member

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Shaker Heights, OH 44122
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